can CollisionShapeFactory.createMeshShape be invoked from outside the render thread?

I think the subject says it all. Well… at least parts of it. :slight_smile: I saw some odd exceptions when I did it outside the render thread(but only occasionally) – so I just assumed that I shouldn’t be doing it that way. Well now I would like to revisit that choice of mine – but before I dig deep – I wanted to get a clear picture of what I should not be doing outside of the render thread with respect to the physics stuff…

Does it only matter if the parameter into createMeshShape is part of the main scene graph? What about adding/removing things from the bulletapp state?

Thanks in advance!


I heard of problems with this due to insufficiencies within jbullet. Try to create them all on one thread, it can be different from the main thread but you should not create them on multiple threads. When we move to native bullet completely these issues should go away.

Didn’t notice I had a reply! That would fit what I saw perfectly. Thanks for the thoughts!