Can I use jme physics with jbullet?

Is it possible?

First forum search for “jbullet” turned up this

Second turned up this.

I think the second is what you’re looking for.

none jbullet implementation yet, very bad.

I like bullet engine because this physics engine work with blender game engine and I want to use Blender to make games prototypes.

I think, to make a blender plugin for jme would be better than a mw3d. 

you mean prototyping a game in blender and then exporting it into jme to render it?

i don't know what format the blender game engine uses, but i guess it would be very hard to convert this data into jme objects.

Static scenes are much easier to import, someone is already working on a .blend loader for jme.

Yes, it would be very hard. blender use logic bricks, some sort of  "event-driver state-machine".

The logic bricks are divided in sensors, controllers and actuators. Crystal space engine has a plugin like it "B2CS".

I have added Falken224s implementation to svn. There are still a lot of issues, though. Would be cool if you can sort them out (not sure if they are with the jME Physics implementation or with jbullet itself).

ok, good news. I'll see this implementation.

what is the link to svn jbullet implementation?

ok I found