Can only run game when on my own laptop or through cmd and edits

Hello all, this is not something code-related but has more to do with the game after it’s been built etc. After I build the game and try to run the .exe file through the ‘dist’ map, it works fine. However, when I copy the entire map (so including the entire JME3-project) onto a USB-stick and try to run it on another laptop (or by using Dropbox), the entire game doesn’t load. The JME3 launch-screen pops up, but after clicking play, nothing happens. A solution that was found was to edit all file-names so that there would be no spaces (Tower of Infinity would become TowerOfInfinity), and to run it through cmd. However, this is such a large detour that I’d think that I’m doing something wrong.

Has anyone experienced this before or does someone know how to fix this?

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I’d suggest running through the command line without renaming any files and see what happens when it’s stopping.