Can two channels own the same bone?

Hey all, From the documentation it looks like you should be able to play two animations from two animChannels at the same time…

I’ve had no such luck… When i have a channel for walking, and a channel for attacking, i will see the character walking but it won’t attack… However, if i split the bones so that the walk channel has the only the leg bones, and the attack channel has only arm bones. The animations work… and can be played simultaneously (as expected)

Is it not allowed for a bone to be “owned” by two channels, or is there something else going on that i’m missing?

I’ve not used the JME3 animation system but as soon as I saw your question I thought:

What happens if two dogs try to own the same bone?

…it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s applicable to the your question too :wink:

i think it should work the same as in NLA editor in Blender with action blending: add.

A bone can be owned by 2 different channels, but you can’t play both animations at the same time obviously.

i guess the animation played is the last one triggered so you have to make sure they are called in the correct order.

in you case you can have one channel that has the whole skeleton that plays the walk cycle (first)

then a channel with the upper part of the skeleton that plays the attack animation (second).