Can you manually apply force to a ragdoll bone?


In the ragdoll example where a goblin is being hit by a stone, then he goes into ragdoll mode and get flung backwards by the stone ball.

Problem is, my weapons uses ray in order to find the enemies.

So I need to know if I can apply force to a certain bone, something like:

ragdoll.getBone(“Torso”).applyForce(new Vector3f(100,0,0));

or simular…

Also if you can, then how can I determin what bone would be closest to my ray?

If this was possible then my game would look very cool already :smiley:



ragdoll.getBoneRigidBody(“Hip.R”).applyTorque(new Vector3f(0,100,0));

Sorry, I should have checked closer before commenting.

Please remove this post.

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hep hep hep…wait a minute…

Sinbad is not a goblin dude…he’s an Ogre…