Cannot Find any joystick. HELP

Im using windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
im going to use XBox 360 Wireless Controller and try to run and this thing shows up
I already installed the drivers

Then you’re fine, right? Unless by “this thing” you mean something other than the “thing you were just talking about in the same sentence”.

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this thing.

Nobody, really nobody can help you in any way if you do not provide more information. That means, you’re talking to Java programmers, speak their language. Include a stack trace!

So, what is a stack trace? It allows programmers to trace the fault. Like an electrical engineer uses instruments to measure voltages and currents to detect a faulty electric element, Java programmers use a stack trace to identify the problem by looking at the source code.

Click here to get more info.

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I already figure it out thanks for the help everyone…

Well, you could also help the next person who has this same problem by posting your solution here.

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Probably forgotten to activate support for joysticks in the AppSettings at game start? :slight_smile:

Except he said he was running TestJoysticks… which should already be doing that.

Yes, right.

Maybe he forgot to plug it in.


Ha, cool it detects my flight stick. Didn’t actually expect that to work at all.