Can't get materials from 3ds max

Hi all…

My problem is getting my material from 3ds (max 9 and 2010 version) to jMonkeyEngine…

I'm using Ogre exporter  1.19…  Meshes and animations work fine, but can't get jMonkeyEngine 2 and 3 to recognize the material files, or whatever the problem is… there is no errors in loading the files, just meshes without materials…

Tryed converting to j3o file from the new SDK, but doesn't show material in that viewer either.

Anyone have tips and tricks for 3ds max?

Thanks for the help.

Not all material properties are exported, are you sure your materials only uses properties that will be exported?



Yes, have try'ed with complety simple objects only with diffuse color… Anyone got and examble of maybe a box or other simple object with at texture on, so i can see the files and compare to mine?

fixed it now, turns out i had problems with my uvw-map.