Can't use GLSL400 on a GTX970? [SOLVED]

So i have this water shader that i’m trying to make, but for some reason JME3 is telling my that my graphics card only supports up to GLSL150, but in OpenGL Extensions Viewer it tells me i can support everything up to 460.

renderManager.getRenderer().getCaps() gives me:

[FrameBuffer, FrameBufferMRT, FrameBufferMultisample, TextureMultisample, OpenGL20, OpenGL21, OpenGL30, OpenGL31, OpenGL32, GLSL100, GLSL110, GLSL120, GLSL130, GLSL140, GLSL150, VertexTextureFetch, TextureArray, TextureBuffer, FloatTexture, IntegerTexture, FloatColorBuffer, FloatDepthBuffer, PackedFloatTexture, SharedExponentTexture, PackedFloatColorBuffer, NonPowerOfTwoTextures, MeshInstancing, VertexBufferArray, Multisample, PackedDepthStencilBuffer, Srgb, FrameBufferBlit, TextureCompressionS3TC, TextureFilterAnisotropic, TextureCompressionETC1, TextureCompressionETC2, DepthTexture, IntegerIndexBuffer, SeamlessCubemap, CoreProfile, BinaryShader]

Error thrown is:

java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: No technique 'Default' on material 'Water' is supported by the video hardware. The capabilities [GLSL330] are required.

This is my .j3md file: MaterialDef Water { MaterialParameters { Texture2D water_reflectio -

Print screen of OpenGL Extensions Viewer: Screenshot - 511e589453023325f3233d793250b8b6 - Gyazo

So am i doing something dumb, is my graphics card weird or does JME3 not support shaders after 150?

SOLVED: Nvm, i was being an idiot, forgot to set LWJGL version in the settings when starting the app.

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