CarGame - my game about cars

Are we able to play it? I couldn’t see a link here or on FB.


Hello, sure, you can play this game!
Don’t be shy and message me. Closed beta is running now, just one message of your 64 or 32-bit system and you can be a part :wink:


after a long time I’m posting changelog of my project. I made a lot of changes. Game will be free for play’n’test this Wednesday; 11th of October. You can try it and review. I’m looking forward for your feedback. I hope you will like the game.


  • grabbing tool added (some jobs request hands),

  • earning exp after completing a job and then leveling up,

  • earning reward for a job due to level,

  • recolored textures and edited materials,

  • completely changed physics of cars - to better I hope,

  • drifing is a lot easier then before,

  • new car added - Car7 White (picture bellow),

  • gas station - place where you can fill up the tank with fresh petrol
    1L of pure petrol cost 1.20 OC,

  • fuel tanks added to cars - fuel is needed for running the car,

  • new green building, that will be post office after completion of the construction,

  • a bit edited lighting,

  • changed sensivity and moving of camera.

I think it’s all the main things for now. And, of course, I did some backround cleaning.

New Car7.

Parking lot.

And the gas station - it is one petrol pump for now.

I will post link for download on Wednesday here on the jME forum.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


CarGame has been launched!
Download it here.


Hey @Teemo258, could you also distribute the game to Linux and OSX? It would make your game cross-platform, and it isn’t any hard, it’s just checking the checkboxes in the project settings to build the game to the 3 major OS’s.

Also, because of that, I can’t play the game xD

ricardo@Ricardo-pc:~/Downloads/CarGame/app$ java -jar CarGame.jar 
out 12, 2017 7:01:00 PM com.jme3.system.JmeDesktopSystem initialize
INFO: Running on jMonkeyEngine 3.1-stable
 * Branch: HEAD
 * Git Hash: af04bf9
 * Build Date: 2017-02-19
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: The required native library 'bulletjme' was not found in the classpath via 'native/linux/x86_64/'. Error message: no bulletjme in java.library.path
	at com.jme3.system.NativeLibraryLoader.loadNativeLibrary(
	at com.jme3.system.JmeDesktopSystem.initialize(
	at com.jme3.system.JmeDesktopSystem.newContext(
	at com.jme3.system.JmeSystem.newContext(
	at cargame.CarGameMain.main(

He’s reporting a missing I tried placing it in the game’s folder, but it doesn’t detect it.


That’s very good idea. I’m uploading linux 64-bit to the site right now. I’ll let you know when you can download i :slight_smile:

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Try it now. I have exported Linux-64bit version.


Tried it out a bit and my first suggestion would be including the readme with the controls with the game itself so one doesn’t have to go looking for it afterwards and download it separately.

About the game, I’m the type of guy who literally cannot control anything that has inverted mouse Y for a camera so I haven’t gotten around to doing much (maybe an option to toggle that?).

In general the controls could use a lot of work - mouse look while walking instead of A&D for turning the camera and character left and right lol. By the way, is it possible to enter a car from on foot? I’ve driven one over the map edge and can’t seem to get into another.


Thank you so much for your suggestions.

Next version will have readme controls inside.

With the camera; I don’t have any experiences with on screen buttons and game menu. But I know one day it has to come and I must work on it. Only thing I know about it, is it’s name, NiftyGui yes? So the answer is: It will come one day :smiley:

I tried to do the controls with the mouse, but I did not get it.

I think it should work if you come too close to car and press F again. If you fell over the edge, just simply press Enter to get back on the map. If your car fell without you inside, (press Enter to get back walking player if needed) and look into this folders CarGame\Saves\Cars and delete the “…_loc” file of the car that fell after shutting down the game. Then again run the game and the car should be in the base position.

I think you had a lot of fun playing my game :smiley:

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NiftyGui no

I would highly recommend using Lemur instead.
It is much more user friendly than Nifty (and much more beginner friendly) + it is completely made in jME itself.
I had a lot of trouble with Nifty trying to make a GUI that I liked with a certain style (it uses XML). I found defining styles in Lemur much easier on the other hand (it uses Groovy).
The fact that it uses jME spatials means it is very easy to create custom meshes/custom guicomponents/3d models for your GUI, which I think is amazing!

Also: If you smash head-first into a building at high speed, you clip partially through the ground! Best game ever 10/10! :smile:


Ooo thank you! Okay, I will use Lemur instead of Nifty.

I’m glad you like playing it :smile:! I will improve it as best I can.

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Update 0.1.2 is out!


  • Cars fuel consumption
  • Refueling fixed
  • Changed gearing
  • Known bugs fixed


  • List of control keys added to game (F1 key)
  • Option for inverting Y-axis of mouse

For playing without big problems, read the description of the game on the downloading site:
Download CarGame

I hope the game is improved in good way :slight_smile:


L-L-Love it! You’re probably one of the first things I’ve known about jME, and your probably one of the reasons why I started doing it! Keep it going! :heart_eyes:


Wau! That’s very very good to know :slight_smile:. Thank you for your words, it’s pumped me up! I shall work on CarGame as much as I can, I promise. :smiley:

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Hello guys,
I have been working on my game for a long time, of course I have some breaks :smiley: that’s why it takes so long. I tried to improve old things and add new. Some of you helped me a lot, I want to say to you one big THANK! :facepunch:

Here is CarGame 0.1.3. Changelog:

  • Opening image is from the game
  • Backround added
  • River
  • Edited control list
  • Inventory window added
  • Added head movement to walking player
  • Improved grabbing tool
  • Controling lifter by buttons on it
  • Working carparts shop
  • Garage menu added
  • Ability to tune cars with sport air filter from the shop
  • New job with moving boat
  • Fixed parkbrake, when cars were still moving a bit
  • Few little changes in the world
  • New car - Car8 Orange with useable trunk - driveable
  • Removed green Car2
  • New car - Car9 Green added but not driveable yet (might be?)
  • Car6 Blue has new wheels
  • Improved physics of cars
  • Changed fuel consuption of each car
  • For some cars were changed its power and weight
  • Reworked connecting trailer to Car1 Gray, now you have to be really exact
  • Saving bugs fixed
  • Wooden cotage with garage improved
  • Added new house which is under construction
  • Changed way getting out of the car

I hope that I wrote everything. If not, edit will come.
If you want to try the game, you can download it here.
And some pictures from CarGame.

Do you like it?


Looks quite nice, but did you consider adding shadows? I think it’d add quite a bit to your look.

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I did, even I was asking you for help :smiley: I couldn’t do it myself.

Whats wrong with just creating a DirectionalLightShadowFilter to a filterPostProcessor and adding it to your viewport?

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Do you think of these lines?

/* this shadow needs a directional light */
FilterPostProcessor fpp = new FilterPostProcessor(assetManager);
DirectionalLightShadowFilter dlsf = new DirectionalLightShadowFilter(assetManager, 1024, 2);

It doesn’t work in my case. Even if I set rootNode or each node to shadow mode cast and receive.
It worked year and something before, but it was bugging: Rendering shadows on the edges

I’m open to lesson about shadows, but no tutorial or whatever is wrote here didn’t work for me.

Try using directional light shadow renderer. Dlsf’s results were always a bit wonky.

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