CarGame - my game about cars

That was the DLSR in the second picture for sure, it has the surface z-fighting artefacts typical for it.

As far as the stock renderer goes there’s not much you can do to make it work better, aside from adjusting these values:

dlsr.getPreShadowForcedRenderState().setPolyOffset(6, 3);

(these are my presets, ymmv)

But mostly whatever you manage to set it to it will always have some errors, artefacts or wrong rendering. It’s just how it is. Trust me, I’ve messed around with it for a few years and had a handful of arguments of questionable civility with the guy who wrote it.

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Both results are a bit broken.
Here is what DLSR do with shadows:

Tried now MoffKalasts presets and it isn’t better. Well, someone of us should write new shadow renderer if we want nice shadows.

I rather won’t use any type of shadow for now.
Thank you for help.

For games like this, sometimes drop shadows might be ok. That’s what I call the type of shadow where there is just a darker oval on the ground underneath… something to give the objects presence instead of looking like they are floating around everywhere.

SimFX has a simple drop-shadow filter:

I creates an egg shaped shaded area underneath the object based on its bounding box. Essentially it does this for anything marked for shadow casting. You can thus even fool it for some objects by creating your own invisible box spatial and marking that to cast instead of the object. Though often the defaults work pretty well.

It works especially well when objects will only rotate around the y axis.

It’s producing the shadows in this picture:

…which is why the shadows aren’t giant ugly streaks down the side of the mountain.

Edit: another example of drop shadows in a more ‘real’ scene:

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Ooh… a comparison shot even:

Regular shadows:

Drop shadows:

Like two totally different styles of game with just different shadow types.

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Very nice shadow filter. I will try to use it.

The windows executable doesn’t work on my machine because it can’t find the installed JRE, which is for Java 9. However, directly executing the .jar works.

By the way, the controls are really frustrating :confused:

Anyway, good job for having a game that works!

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I have met this problem on few machines but haven’t fixed it yet.

Come, tell me what is frustrating for you. I can change it.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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What actually amazes me most is that despite the low poly style I can see what reallife cars they represent :smiley: All 80-90s goodnesses. The green is probably the most obvious, espcially the rims are always nice :smiley:


First of all, I didn’t know how to make the car accelerate. I tried with the classic WASD and it didn’t work. After that, I tried as many keyboard keys as possible to try just to move forward, but in vain. However, while pressing random keys, I exited the car. If I remember correctly, rotating the FPS camera on the yaw and pitch axes is done independently with one of the mouse’s axis and two keys. I mean, that really shouldn’t be the case. The yaw and pitch axes should rotation according to the X and Y mouse movement axes.

Also, a game menu that can show all key bindings would be really nice but I guess this is more when the game is almost finished :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m really, really delighted :blush:. I have few more cars in my head. Some from east and maybe some van or utility car. You will see!

You first have to unbrake the car with Q key and then use WASD for control. Yes, I know it’s a bit strange, but it simulates reality. You just have to read the control list before you do anything :smiley:

I do not understand what you mean with camera. I used ChaseCamera, it rotates according to mouse movement.

Also, a game menu that can show all key bindings would be really nice but I guess this is more when the game is almost finished :stuck_out_tongue:

Look, I use screen resolution of 1600x1200, so if all the list of controls is showing on my screen, on the monitor with 1920x1080 res, you won’t read few last lines. I didn’t find out how to create the list with scroling bar, so my game use only what I can do.


Have you tried, I dunno, scaling the list by resolution like the rest of the gui?

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Nope, I don’t know something like this exist :joy:

Reviving this topic. Hope nobody will be hurt.
Still missing shadows and proper lightning…


New version of CarGame is ready to launch.

Here is the changelog of 0.2.0 version:

  • new car - Car11 Red with unique physics - driveable
  • new cars in the world - Van1 Blue and two opponents for drag Car12 Black, Car5 Purple
  • drag racing, you can win money or waste some fuel
  • added wheel changer in the garage menu - but no wheels yet
  • changed HUD - current gear and amount of fuel display in the same line
  • new simply speedometer showing current cars speed in km/h
  • edited and extended map due to need of drag track
  • reworked refueling system, now it’s faster but also more expensive - around 1.32 OC/liter (was 1.20 OC/liter)
  • also increased fuel consumption of every car by a smaller multiple
  • edited saving of cars, may appear loss of power if you played before this update
  • little brown house is finished with empty interior
  • no other progress on in game environment yet
  • new window when buying a car - informations about the car and its price
  • added details to Car2 Red front spoiler - “foglights and grill”
  • CarGame finally has its own icons - images right from the game
  • very lightly edited lightning

game background changes:

  • edited way of controlling vehicles
  • improved buying car method
  • fully automatic drag opponent control - you must only begin the race with key “E”

I will post the download link here after complete upload if you want to try my game.

And some pictures from the game


Download the game for your machine here.
Enjoy! :slight_smile: