Change human face


I might have to do a 3D advergame, which I of course will do with JME.

The game consists of shaving a man's beard, first apply the foam, then shave, then the after shave.

I'm not sure how to do the "apply the foam, then shave" stuff. I mean, when the user clicks or drags the mouse to apply foam, how to change the model/graphics to reflect this?

How would you do it?

Sounds like a cool idea for a contest. Maybe you should put up a prize and an inital face model?

There are a lot of differnt ways to do this, from texture splating to model deformation. So it would be fun to see what people come up with.

Agree with Guurk, Character customisation is one of the more popular queries

It's not exactly character customization, you just have to shave the guy's beard, and do it "the right way" :slight_smile:

I've searched the forums for texture splatting… since it's not realtime in jME (AFAIK) I'll probably have to do it some other way

Realtime texture splatting:

There's also an example of how to "paint" a splat texture on a (terrain) mesh based on triangle picking. But it would still be fun to have a contest for this, I would choose a different approach in that case, something with mesh deformation or possibly actual bubbles applied to a toony face…

I found that post just a minute ago, that's what I was needing… to paint the texture in realtime.

If you people want to build a contest about this… I'll sign up!!

pd: bubbles is also a good idea! :slight_smile: