Changing game engine to jme3

Hi, i would like to ask if has sence to change custom game engine for jme3. If get approx 5x or more FPS. I interest in mmo java game wurm online. It has own engine, but most difficult scenes fps go to 0 and in battles need to turn off animations. Has jme3 some simple pack of base files? Not need some develop kit with planty of addons.

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You can start developing games with only 3 jar files of jMonkeyEngine3.


You can find the latest release here:


This article tells how to intergrate jME3 to your Java project with gradle or maven.

Wiki tells more about this engine.

We sugguest beginners as least go through the Tutorials for Beginners.

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i think about that i found render calls from current engine and change it for jme3. Its good to use development kit or its complicate learn?

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jME3 is well designed and fully documented, it’s easy to learn and easy to use.

You will be happier to use jMonkeyEngine SDK, it’s an IDE depends on NetBeans.

But if you have your favorite IDE other than NetBeans, it ok. There are planty of people who use Eclispe, Intellij, Android Studio, even sublime. With gradle you can easily intergrate jme3 to you project.

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Also give a look at BootMonkey.

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which render is fastest? Can i use lwjgl3 ? Not need stable, but something fast render with good potencial.

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LWJGL3 is ok.

You can use it by adding jme3-lwjgl3 to dependency instead of jme3-lwjgl.

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