"Chaos : In the darkness" just released on Steam!

Tadaaa !! This is an awesome accomplishment for our team :sunny:

You can found more details here. (Window deployment only for now, I have not tried on linux / mac yet)

Despite of these great news, we have a some questions to improve game experience :

  • Some customers turn haters :frowning: because of JRE dependency of the game ? Is there a way to solve this, at least for Windows ?

  • The game use dedicated servers. So the game need to have some network port opened. It works well but is there some kind of “default” port range that our game can use instead of asking people to tweak their Internet port configuration ? This could not be user-friendly for most of customers.

  • Chaos has been build with Jme SDK 64bits, could it be ported to 32bits ?

Thank you all for your nice support and your wise advices


As to the other:

  1. In 3.1 you can bundle the JRE with your app, I guess. (I’ve never tried it but the option is there.)

  2. Outbound ports shouldn’t need any special configuration.

  3. Sure… should already run on 32-bits.

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Hello @pspeed,
Sorry but i didn’t understand… What are outbound ports ?

And btw, before 3.1 (which is quiet recent), all released JME games need JRE installed ? Or I am doing something wrong with it ? (I feel I’m going crasy…)

  1. you can bundle jre even manually. Just include it’s files in the installer and keep proper paths.

Some ports may be blocked on routers.
The best idea is to use similar ports as other MMO games do.

Outbound = your client connecting to the server. What ports are you using? It’s strange that you have issues as long as you aren’t trying to connect to the client.

You missed a checkbox somewhere I guess.


I do not have issues. The game use port 5050 TCP/UDP and its work well.
But, if you plan to host a game that could be join from NET, you will need to open the port 5050 of your device.

I have just check how others do, Blizzard for example just write on some wiki:

Anytime your computer receives incoming data, it is sent to a “port”. Your computer has many ports that can receive data, and different activities will utilize different ports. World of Warcraft & Burning Crusade use TCP port number 3724 to play and UDP port 3724 for in game Voice chat. The Blizzard Downloader, which downloads patches, also uses TCP ports 6112 and the range 6881-6999. For walkthroughs on router and firewall configuration you can use the Help for the Blizzard Downloader[2] page.

So I beleive that Chaos game hosting process is kind of classic way… Or is there a better solution ?

You said you had dedicated servers. Now you are saying clients can be servers? Like, users can run their own servers?

In that case, there is no other way, really. Users will have to open ports inbound (they need to say which machines those ports will go to on their network anyway).

That’s “inbound”. ie: connections coming IN to the users network.

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Note: given the conversation, I don’t think this means what you think it means.

Dedicated servers = you provide the servers like MMOs.

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First: congratulations! There’s too few jme games on Steam :smile:

Second: sorry for your hard start, hope you’ll sort things out quickly and get better reviews.

Ok sorry. I means that USERS run server, you r right. So, there is not other way to do that. Thank you.

Thanks for your words !
(and wish the best with your Pink Princess :slight_smile: )

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Nice achievement for your game !
Mind to share some tips on steam ?
How long your game stays in greenlight ?
About your issues, try the lauhch4j to generate your exe file, it has options to configure the bundle jre version, or to automatically download and install it on demand.

…which I’m pretty sure is what the SDK is already using.

He uses the SDK. He should use the SDK options.

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Yeah but

These option are up in SDK 3.1, and Chaos have been built with SDK 3.0.
So I have to migrate the whole project…

Moreover SDK 3.0 is known as STABLE and works great, but how it goes for 3.1 alpha ?
I assume I do not used it yet… Is it OK for deployment ? Any issue we should be aware before publishing kind of official release to customers ?
I can’t hide I’m worried about it :slight_smile:

No prob. The game lasts for 6 months. If you keep updating and posting news stuff, it “should” goes well.
But for me, the real challenge is facing customers right now, when released ! Cause its easy for anyone to just click YES or NO to a private vote during GreenLight, but when its deals with cash… That’s something different

You can bundle a jre with 3.0 too but you’ll have to set that up manually in the launch4j etc config files.

I misunderstood your earlier message and thought you were already on 3.1.

I don’t know if you should move. You will certainly have to fix a few things if you do… you can see the thread on that. Most will be obvious issues right away. Some not-so-obvious, I guess. At this point, there are probably as many bugs in 3.0 as there are in 3.1… they’ll just be different ones. We fixed a lot of stuff in 3.1 that won’t get fixed in 3.0.

Edit: and this:

…which is along the lines of what @wagfeliz was saying. Though it’s pretty easy to add your own launch4j config to the build.xml file.

Just that wagfeliz suggested using launch4j completely separate from the build process while the 3.0 exe generation already uses launch4j and it just needs to be configured :slight_smile:

Ok thank you for the hint, I’ll dig that way then. I let you know if failed :stuck_out_tongue:

I might point to the jfx native deploying as well.

It bundles the jvm it was executed with the application.

An example is on this side:

You need to do the excecution on the target platform. Eg a windows64 will only create a windows 64 build. So if you only uspport windows, I would suggest using a 32bit java for once, as then it will also run under 64bit.