Character/Ghost control not moving with animation

So, problem pretty much in the title, but to explain a little.

I’ve got a PlayerNode with my attached model, and my playerNode also has a CharacterControl and GhostControl attached to it. Now, my problem is that when the player does a move like “dodge” the animation make the character do a forward roll through space. The animation works, but non of the physical controls follow. How does one make the controls follow the animation (at least, the physics controls follow the animation)?

I’ve tried attaching the controls directly to the model itself, but still no luck. Also, in case it matters, these are models+animations from blender.

Oh, and the character, after dodging and ending up further down the level, immediately returns to where his controls are at the end of his animation and idles. How do I update the controls to be in the space of where his animation ends? Or rather, if I cannot move the controls with the animation, is doing this update in the onAnimCycleDone all I should do?

Either don’t move the character model in the animation and move the character control instead when you play the animation. Or detach the control and spatial and move the control along with the animation when it plays.

Okay, well, I figured out that attaching the GhostControls to a node INSIDE the model works, allowing them to move with the model properly. However, that didn’t work for the CharacterControl.

Now, of your two suggestions, which one is normally implemented? Or rather, what cases would someone do one suggestion over the other?

I’m tempted to tell my animator to redo the animation without the character moving, but I don’t want him to spend more time on the animation than he has too. Plus, I’m not too sure how I’d move the control along the exact path the animation goes through, seeing as he sort of slows down and speeds up through it.

Sorry about the double post, but this is important enough (to me) to warrant an update (or rather, another question).

Now that I got the ghost controls working, my only problem is that they don’t rotate with models ligaments (i.e, when the arm from the shoulder moves up to 90 degrees, the ghost control, which is originally attached straight up and down with the arm, stays that way when the arm is at 90 degrees, instead of moving with the arm’s rotation too). Does this have something to do with GhostControls being AABB?

If so, what are my options for implementing hitboxes on my character? They may overlap too, so I am at a loss as to what I can do about them.