Character wont move after added physics

hi guys… so i moved my character now… when i added BulletStateApp it wont move? why?

Cause you do it wrong.

Have a look at the tutorial:

“The location of the dynamic Spatial is controlled by its RigidBodyControl. Move the RigidBodyControl to move the Spatial.”

You do not move characters when using physics. You apply forces and impulses in the control

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As @jmaasing said, that tutorial will help you. But before that, you should read ALL the tutorials so you don’t need to ask easy to answer and obvious questions, that lacked interest of your part to answer it.

Yes, especially because this topic was answered a bazillion times already → Search forum!

Why the fuck do I get thumbs down? The answer was as exhaustive and correct as the question :stuck_out_tongue:

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sorry guys :slight_smile:

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