Characters disappear even using rootnode.updateGeometricState();

Sorry for my English

can any one help me , my problem is

I made multiplayer game (education social network) using glass fish server network,i send and receive data to (from) other players to attach them in my scene,

so i use AbstractAppState class to make controls like threads help to make other players move without make my scene very slow.

first problem when i attach any player in my scene, it can not be attached ,so i use rootnode.updateGeometricState();

but it can not be helped , players character appear and disappear very fast.javascript:insert_tag(‘forum-topic-form’,‘topic_text’,‘8O’,’’);

i want to make player does not disappear , what can i do to solve this problem

second request ,can any one help me by making thread or referring to threads
explain how can i make multiplayer game with this attributes (i can see every one and other wise ),(not make game very slow)javascript:insert_tag('forum-topic-form','topic_text',':roll:','');

code in link:

thanks advanced , Please i need to solve this problem very Soon.

Threads will be harder to program, so why do u use threads ? who cares if its slow. At least it works.

GeometryBatchFactory.optimize(node); will make your code 40000% faster. but you can use it only on objects that dont move / change.

i dont use threads , i use AbstractAppState class like threads:|

You should not be calling rootnode.updateGeometricState().

Just attach the player’s spatial to the root node (on the openGL thread, refer to the link I posted). Then any of its controls will get updated in the update loop and the player will render.