Choice of the new name for the project jME SpaceShift Editor

Hi guys,
after the discussion there: Editor: jMonkeyBuilder - #745 by nehon
I decided to rename the project to more friendly name.
I want to see all options from this community :slight_smile: and then to make a final poll to choose the final new name. :wink:

  • Monkey Builder
  • Monkey Creator
  • JME Editor
  • jMonkeyGFX Editor
  • MFX Editor
  • Jamo editor

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Тред года просто, по моему ответ очевиден - JME Editor; Give it a simple name - JME Editor, because i dont see any better alternatives for your editor.

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I agree with the above sentiment, keep it simple/short. I would also name it something that says to the user what it does.

Like: jMonkeyGFX Editor

(if its jMonkey specific).

  • JFX Editor
  • Sabr Editor
  • MFX Editor (Monkey FX editor)

What about jME Asset Editor? :slight_smile:

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To me, “JME Editor” implies some official status or at least would conflict with anything ever done in the core project.

I think “JME Asset Editor” while suffering from a similar genericness is also selling the tool short.

My understanding is that you do a lot more than just edit an asset. You can build entire scenes, configure effects, shaders, etc… probably you will add even more stuff someday: entity system component editors, whatever. Something more towards Unity I guess.

So I think you should find a name that is distinct (and doesn’t return anything on google if you want instant SEO).

I don’t have any strong suggestions, though. Where did “sabr” come from? That seems like a good place to start.

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It’s my first + second names :slight_smile: Alex Brui → friend version → Sasha Brui → SaBr :wink:

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Ahah… well, I just tried extrapolating it to a real word “sabre” which is kind of cool… but unfortunately it’s well represented on google already, especially jsabre returns a few gazillion hits.

So I recommend something even cleverer. (cleverness left as an exercise for the reader)

as i mentioned earlier:

You can call it something like “Jamo” JAvaMOnkey. You can build several interesting abbreviation-anagrams using Java and monkey
Like this:
Jamo editor
Jakey editor (not sure if this appropriate xd )
Mova editor
or so.

Or go with something entirely new…like If you want to refer to the background, you can call it Nova engine

This depends on “what exactly you want to have in the end”
Cryengine - name of crytek corporation
UnrealEditor - same story
Unity - main idea “work together on high variety of projects 2d or 3d” to unite
GIMP - abbreviation of GNU Image Manipulation Program
Blender - Personal idea of Ton
UPBGE - UP Blender Game Engine “To bring BGE to next level”
GODOT - bacause of Waiting for Godot - Wikipedia (personal wish of creators)

I suggest you to follow simple rules:
Make it to be easy to read and memorize. SaBr is hard to read in some languages this name has 2 stop points in A-B transition and B-R transition. It can be easily fixed by adding additional “inbetween vowel” like Sabre (Сабля) It have strong meaning, it is easy-to-read and it consists your abbriviation and even abbriviation of engine: SA(sha)BR(ui)E(ngine)

Second rule:
Make it unique. Sabre - is interesting, but google search will always find wrong things. So, you should find ideas like MonSabre for MonkeySABRE, but it little bit grotesque.

Third rule:
Dont make it funny. You need nice and strong name with one meaning for every presentations in future.

So… there are many different possibilities.
Call it after JME and your name:
Jamo editor
Mova editor

Follow the background:
Nova engine
Parsec engine

Or go to something entirely new:
Jset - java set

I just noticed something…

When I’m lost for a JME related name, one of the first places I hit is the list of planet of the apes characters… while she’s not an ape, there is a character called Nova in the original movies.

Aside: that’s where the name for Zay-ES comes from… though I didn’t need to look that one up as I already had it in mind from the start. :slight_smile:

Remove the “Editor” part IMO. Find a simple name. I like Sabre too, it sounds cool… but since it’s your nick name I’d understand it feels weird to you.

If it comes down to be something like Unity then you can give what ever you like and doesn’t give you a gazillion of hits on google.

I like as well Sabre

Isn’t there a studio called Sabre Interactive though?

Sasha’s Asset Building Russian Editor


Yes, and a company just called “Sabre”. And it’s the technology of airline bookings or something so you’ll see “sabre dev tools” and “sabre web services” all over the internet.

It’s a horrible name to use for online presence, unfortunately.

Well let’s face it, it’s 2017 and most of the good non-stupidly-mashed-together names have already been thought of and taken.

I can only imagine what avoiding copyright infringement will be like in 200 years.

Yes, but given that Sabre doesn’t at all describe anything… better to have a “stupidly mashed together” name than one that returns a million hits for any related query one is likely to make.

Well the best kind of SEO would probably include jmonkey in the editor name, but that would indicate endorsement. So it’s up to you guys to decide I guess.

And as a random point of reference, Galen or Zira (both planet of the apes names… get it… monkey engine)… have no software-related hits on google at all. JGalen and JZira are even more sparse.

So (as an example) if you could come up with a nice backcronym (Backronym - Wikipedia) for one of those then they would work just as well as anything else. (Or even without one… just declare it the name and publicize it. You’d have to do that anyway no matter what you pick.)

If you want to keep the current abbreviation of “SS Editor”, you could try something like “Sabre Scene Editor”