Clean JME3 checkout cannot be build

A clean JME3 checkout cannot be build. It gives the following error:


Copying 1 file to C:UsersArieDocumentsProjectsjme-rkbuild

C:UsersArieDocumentsProjectsjme-rknbprojectbuild-impl.xml:773: The following error occurred while executing this line:

C:UsersArieDocumentsProjectsjme-rknbprojectbuild-impl.xml:582: copylibs doesn’t support the “rebase” attribute

BUILD FAILED (total time: 29 seconds)

I used to work just fine. Any ideas?

yeah I had the same issue. I had to remove the rebase attribute from the build-impl.xml.

I can’t commit my build-impl because I changed some things, but just open the file, search for a rebase=“something” and remove it, then it builds.

also note that I don’t have a clue about what this rebase thing is doing.

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But indeed mysterious. Quick googling didn’t enlighten me as well:(

Uh what? I guess we need to replace the CopyLibs.jar with some newer version then…