Clickable map


I need to realize a map of my city, there are street and skyscrapers, and I need to click on this map and identify the street or the construction clicked…

I think, at the begin, to do it with Quads and line in a ortho mode but I can't manage the picking (in the rootNode I have all my 3D city, have I to detach all from my rootNode before draw map in ortho mode? When I add the boundingBox at my quads they disappears and reappear only if I'm oriented in some position of my 3D world… but they are not yet pickable…)

Are there any other methods that you suggest me to draw my clickable map? (swing can help me? How can I draw a map?)


May be you can get the X/Y coordinate click on the screen and use it to know where the map is clicked, I suppose you know the X/Y coordinate of the map.

I don't know the object location on map because is a dynamic city… I need a method to retrieve information on the clicked object…