Client downloading models from server


I want to ask if it is possible in some way to send Nodes, Spatials and Geometries from the server that the client does not have?

I’ll be happy for any answer.

I would not send spatials over the network but the loadable models.

but how can I send this models?

Send it as binary data using sockets.

But IMO such things should be done at startup, it is called ‘update’ and is done by launcher/updater before the main game is started.

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There are many ways I would say. With http for example. Or any other way to send a file. I guess.

I know what is update, but what if someone in the future create a server and wants to send his own models that I do not add to the game?

What if someone will make huge model with 4x100MB textures and will want to send it to all other players?
Are you sure that you want to allow players to add unauthorized content? Avoid such input, it may crash your game.

IMO the more convenient way is to allow the server owner to specify a group of links which the server will send to each client upon connection, the client will then download each of them before joining the game, you should also require the owner to specify the version or the hash of each packet/file to allow the clients to reuse the material already downloaded. This is kinda how gmod did it when it wasn’t fully integrated with the workshop.

This would be solved by limiting. If file is bigger than limit, client will must to download it from the Internet. And downloaded data would be stored in some folder with downloaded content, so that server will not have to sending data every time.

This is also a possibility.

Anyway, as @FrozenShade mentioned before, asset has to be integrated into system.
This is the process, and the success result of the process is “publishing”.
it will be better to use other application (updater) with other [file]server to handle assets synchronizations.

@david_bernard_31 , can getdown help with such “assets updating”?