Clone physic node problem! Clean cloning?

I have problems cloning an physic object.

To explain my problem in detail, I have a thread that load the “origin” objects. The application uses clones of this object. Sadly there is no java method to clone a clean object.

Nodes can be cloned(thx to jME), what’s great, since this method allows me to clone the visual display.

Is there a method for PhysicNodes?!

If I use “clone”, it will just show the cloned node, not the physic structure behind it, what means physic will be only attached to the first object applied to physic.

Creating every time a new structure seems not a good solution, since it’s eating resources for the same object!

Pssm Shadow seems to have a problem with “cloned nodes” too! Not the display itself, it’s more about “do I look at this object, or do I not”, means shadow activate itself or deactivate itself, means only the first object decides and the clones copy it, what is definitely wrong!

Hope you can help me!

Did you cast your clone to physics node?

Yeah, I guess I should add a proper clone method, dont expect it before next year tho.

Do you mean 2011 or 2012?

No Christmas present for me? xD Kidding!

It’s done, when it’s done. I hate to destroy working code, but it’s time for a workaround.

Using the same PhyiscShape with a new PhysicNode, does that work?


Yes, but the method returns a Node, not a PhysicsNode

Yes, using the same shape is working and recommended.