Cloning light

Is there any way to clone the PointLight source?

In my App after hiting a target (using rays), we have explosion effect and fire appears(both of them are ParticleEffects).
While it is easy to clone the fire, I can’t clone the PoitntLight. There is only one PointLight in location of last hit.

What can i do? I want every fire to emit light.

Jme uses forward rendering, which means each additional light is expensive. It’s not recommended to use large numbers of lights in a scene. You should probably bake your lighting into textures for lots of small light sources.

There is a deferred rendering implementation some people have been working on but it’s not really available yet.

What you can do as a medicore solution, make a own lightin amterial, that isntead of once per amterial, gets like the 6 closest lights submitted per uniforms, and then render with those. requires a bit of logic to dtermine the 6 important lihts per object of course.