Cloth, Jelly and String

Hi all,

Ive been working secretly for the last two days on string, cloth and jelly. And so far, its been good. String is finished, all thats different about cloth and jelly is how the nodes are arranged together, the kCoefficient…etc.

Mojo, do you want this in the base line? or do you have other plans?

P.S, its still in the testing phase, everthing seems to be ok so far, some deformation of the model is occuring, but with a few extra springs here and there, it should be ok. Just fine tuning I suppose.

Its usage is currently very limited, it will create lines as the springs and attach em together. Future releases would includ attaching a TriMesh vertex to a springNode, and let the deformation begin :slight_smile:

Here’s its current setup:

StringSpringType string = new StringSpringType(name, lengthOfEachSpring, K_Coefficient, EnergyLoss, Mass);


Mojo, do you want this in the base line? or do you have other plans?

Let's wait until it's finished to check it out and decide.

thats not what I meant, what I meant was does jME want something like this? Wouldn’t be easier to start physics from the top/down instead?

Sorry DP, but your question still sounds the same:

Let’s wait until you’ve finished, see what you have then decide.

hmm…what Im trying to say is were cloth/jelly ever on jME’s wanted to do list? if it was, then great, if it wasn’t, id rather be doing something else, e.g Warp Effect, or something that jme needs.

No it wasn’t ever on the todo list, but that doesn’t mean anything. Neither is a warp effect or whatever. Everything on the todo list is mostly low level things, so there is plenty of room to add.

Cloth/jelly could be an awesome feature in JME !

I hope DarkProphet will release some demos, and if it’s greatly done, I’m sure mojomonk will add it to the classic JME features list :wink:

It’s so good looking when it’s well done…