Coding and music

So hwat is your current coding soundtrack?

  • Clint Mansell
  • 28 Weeks Later Soundtrack
  • Sleep Terror
  • Depart
  • Console

    (Normally I prefer Death Metal or Grind but that's way to distracting while coding.)

mostly it's:

  • Movie Score (TLOTR, 28 days later, Departed, Lost ...

  • Wolfang Amadeus Mozart

  • Johann Strauss Jr. & Sr.

  • and much more classical music


Muse, The Frames,  Radiohead,  Farin Urlaub and some Trance ^^

usually :slight_smile:

I would normally go for games soundtracks that inspired me… specially Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka.

Used to be trance… but I tried Classical about half a year ago as supposedly it helps with brain-work, and surprisingly the results were really good… Classical music indeed does help with concentration and coding… So I will go with that :slight_smile:

Justice Cross, Jack Johnson, the mamas & papas  :smiley:

renanse said:

:-o cooool

silence  (…chirp…chirp…)

nymon said:

**silence**  (...chirp...chirp...)

Isn't that by Simon and Garfunkel?