Collada IO

I would like to develop a Collada importer/exporter for JME3, particularly to load Mixamo models. I’d like to start with the NASA Worldwind Collada implementation (Apache 2.0 license) in hopes of eventually integrating it into JME3, but would this conflict with JME’s licensing?

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Hello @grok, welcome to the JME community!

May I know why you do not want to use the existing and well-supported Gltf importer?

You can convert your Collada model to Gltf in Blender and then import the Gltf file to JME.

since JME is BSD 3-Clause License this should NOT collide with most known other project licenses.

Ofc within your project might be many third party project with multiple licenses. (for example You should be carefull about GPL license that can be invasive)

JME license is very non-invasive, same about Apache 2.0 license. So its all fine IMO.

Also same as Ali mentioned. Why not just convert into GLTF and use this well-supported modern format?