I think this would be a good addition.

Well at least for us Maya or Blender users…  :stuck_out_tongue:

(Maya rocks!)

It would be! Any volunteer? :slight_smile:

not very useful if you don't have any up to date physics engine, like ageia physx…anyone wanna make a wrapper for it? :slight_smile:

I'm not familiar with COLLADA physics descriptions but what can PhysX do what ODE can't such that loading physics from COLLADA is completely useless?

i was a bit harsh there perhaps :slight_smile: it's useful for the basic usual stuff, but ode is getting out of date…


particle dynamics

materials(ode's friction model is a pain to setup and never works as intended)

force fields


volumetric fluids


optimized vehicle dynamics

character animation-physics connection

easy physics debugging

hardware abstraction - will automatically use physics hardware if found

lots of tools

etc etc

Not quite right… The collada physics specification is incomplete. :expressionless:

What they have so far…

-Physics materials


-Compound shapes with geometries

-Physical properties


-Physics environments with global settings

-Force-fields (in progress)

What make this so useful is the fact that(let's say we had an ageia wrapper) using the Nima plug-in you

could export all of your physics simlulations from Maya into jME.  If you've ever used Maya's dynamics you know

this would be a reason for happiness. :smiley:

most of the stuff you listed is supported by the ODE wrapper we have in jME Physics 2 (which also adds materials btw). Force fields could be added easily.

And the good thing would be: a loader for jME Physics 2 could also use a future PhysX binding.

I see what you're saying and I'm not knocking ODE but

what I'm really talking about here is using the ease of dynamics creation/manipulation in Maya

and being able to import it into jME.

Physx API

Complex rigid body object physics system

PhysX FX smart particle system

Volumetric fluid creation and simulation

Cloth and clothing authoring and playback

Advanced character control

Ray-cast vehicle dynamics

Support for arbitrary number of physics scenes with fine user control of threads

PhysX Runtime

Well, anyone that was interested in working on a PhysX wrapper in Java I would be happy to assist.  We'd need someone pretty familiar with C++ though, you volunteering yourself Kira? :wink:

You did not understand me, Kira, I think. I wanted to say that the COLLADA importer has nothing todo with the PhysX binding.

I would like to have a PhysX binding, too. But whether or not it already exists someone could write an importer for COLLADA to support any later physics binding while testing basic stuff with the existing implementation.

I’m very familiar with C++, but I’m sure about the concepts behind bindings.

I’ll have a look at the odejava sources(at work right now  ). Shouldn’t be ridiculously hard.  :wink:

I haven’t had a chance to look at the Physx API but I’m sure it a beast so we’ll see what happens…

Was going to try for Real-time clouds and IK as some fun projects but maybe later, this will take time.

[MiniRant]Physx has cloth tearing simulation(you can’t use it without ageia’s PPU it kills the CPU, it’s not fair :’().[/MiniRant]

Oh but about the clouds there’s a great article w/ that’s simple enough written in C++/OpenGL.  Just a code port really, don’t have the link on my Mac, I’ll post it later.

Went through the Odejava sources. :slight_smile:

It’s conceptually simple but takes alot of work to implement. :’( (Such is life…)

Would be better if I had more documentation other than the source.

Well step by step I say. :smiley:

Btw I would love your help darkfrog. :wink:

Here is the link as promised: