Collada Textures loading as the average color of the texture image

Hey all,

So this is kind of strange, the mesh itself seems to import fine, but he texture is the average color of the image file.  Any ideas?

Exported from Maya 2008 using the OpenCollada exporter, same problem happens from Maya 2009… I haven't a clue what the problem is :confused:

See the attached pictures, one is the original texture, and the other is a screenshot (obviously I'm not talking about the brick building :p)

Sounds like the texture coordinates are not being imported/exported. Make sure the collada file is exported with texture coordinates.

it's definitely being exported with them enabled, i'll take a look at the markup

Sorry for the double post guys and gals, but this is probably worthwhile in case anyone comes searching for it…

Using the exporter from to export the model seems to not work correctly (with this texturing problem being the main problem I encounter)

After switching to “Collada For Maya, 3DS Max” and doing a little bit of setting fiddling, I’ve come to something that textures correctly with the current exception of transparency…

Tested coming out of Maya 2008 & 2009, here’s a screenshot of the settings, I hope this helps someone:

If you have any idea why I’m not getting transparency, that would be most greatly appreciated :slight_smile: