Collision Detecting Serverside, generall Ideas:

I want to do some collison detecting serverside, not really anything more.

Cause if i do this Clientside, it would be to easily chatable.

Serverside are models aviable the Client uses as well in a far simpler versions (aka the player is a slightly deformed box)

So the question is:

  1. Is JME good useeable for this serverside? Or are there better alternatives?
  2. How performant will that be ?
  3. If JME, from what should I derive my game, since no grafik is needed serverside of course, and are there some examples? (did not found any in the forum)

I believe you just use a HeadLess game and load/run the server side physics in thereā€¦

I would suggest you to decouple the server side physics from the game server. Let the physics server connect to the game server like a client, and be allowed to post updates to every entity. You can do the same with the AI.

I thought of that too, but decided to don't do it, cause it will be quite insane, since i have a unknown amount of gameservers (Ther already is a MasterServer for syncronizing the network of gameservers)

Maybe if you can separate the collinsions. Some may be on terrain and fixed obects ( buildings, trees, track etc) others may be on moving objects ( players, npc's, cars).

You may find that you can vaildate the fixed objects quite easily using a map ( similar to hamsterofdeaths ), whereas you may need to use bounds for the moving objects.

What means hamsterofdeaths ??

JGN's physics synchronization support is based around the idea of both client-side and server-side physics being applied, and if there's a difference of opinion server-side physics rules. :o