Collision failed in HelloCollision (get started)


i’m new in your community ! I’m actually trying your jme with your hello application and i get a problem :s

I copy the code of the HelloCollision classe and download the zip to the root, i start the app and all work.

After few second in game 3-60 sec, the floor get no more collision and i fail. If i’m looking the floor and i press S (to fly) and i come back on the ground, the collision rework for a few second…

i got a warning with the collision

[java]INFO: Child (main-scene_node) attached to this node (Root Node)

warning CollisionDispatcher.needsCollision: static-static collision![/java]

i’m working on the last night build

Are you by any chance looking down while that happens? When the walkDirection is pointing down you may push the character through the round.

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No, i was thinking than was because i was looking down and i was walk in negatif Z position, buf it happend too when i use the A D key, and maybe i’m in error but i see than this 2 key doesn’t use Z position

I’m want to create a new game and i will continue the tutorial, maybe it’s a simple modif in the JME 3 alpha like the material “Color” have to be remplace by “m_Color”. If i find something, i will post back here :slight_smile:

thank you for your help and your fast anwere !

Down is negative Y…

For Sure, just a mistake, i’m a java developper and i got some confuse with the 3D world

i’m actually copy some code in your basement tutorial to get a 3D map based on your ninja and your wildhouse (asset getstarted). I post back to say if it’s a real problem or only a version or my mistake by a copy of your basement :slight_smile:

thank you to follow my post

I try it back and and i think you are right, i was trying to walking direction in negatif Y.


+x = right, +y = up, +z = towards you

yes, i know it, but i t’s confuse in my head when i have to write :smiley:

do you know how we can hack to “tp back” the player on the terran if he fall ?

i just try to put Y movement to 0 when i walk

[java] public void simpleUpdate(float tpf) {

Vector3f camDir = cam.getDirection().clone().multLocal(0.6f);

Vector3f camDirWithoutY = camDir.setY(0);[/java]

but it’s the same problem if i change of height. For exemple if i use a staire, i will pass through …

I have the same problem… I just fall through the map. I tried looking straight down and going forward, but that didn’t make me go through the model. It seems to be in the same places, though. Like right around the long red house and the hill, I fall on my way to the hill (from the statue). So… does a bit more info help diagnose it? Thanks.

Large triangles might produce problems with the character, yeah.

Is this something that will be addressed in an upcoming nightly, or is the long-term solution just to use smaller triangles? I’m encountering the same issue in one of my projects and I’m not really sure how to proceed.

Ask the bullet physics guys about that: , also make sure to play with all values like stepSize etc.