Collision with Quadmesh

Hey guys,

i have a problem with the physics concerning quadmesh.

i built a half-opened tube with quadmesh and a sphere shall roll along this tube.

unfortunately my sphere is allways falling through the quadmeshes.

is it impossible to add collision to quadmesh or must i have a mistake?

think i did everything correct with the static and dynamicnodes

when i replace the quadmesh with a box, the sphere lands upon it.

i'll add some code tomorrow

i hope there is the mistake, so i can continue drawing my tube with quadmesh

but maybe someone can answer my general question if its just impossible

which would mean that any code discussion would be useless.

greetings :slight_smile:


Try using the physics debugger to render the collision geometry. That might give you some insight. Examples of its use can be seen in the test classes for jME Physics.

I didn't even know jME has a QuadMesh class. jME Physics supports trimeshes only (and spheres, boxes, etc.). So you need to convert to trimesh for physics or use primitives to approximate your geometry (which is the preferred way regarding performance). The physics debugging visualization does not show triangle collision geometry, so that won't help you.

just tried to activate the physics debugging but it seemed that i need to extend from simplephysicsgame instead of basegame to use it easily

ill try to convert to trimesh now :slight_smile:

thank you very much guys  8)