CollisionShapes on a big model

Time for learning about Collisions.
What would be better, than doing something with cars, which can drive against walls and so on.
I know, it’s good to begin with something small, but while stumbling around the internet i found a wonderful sketchup model of a part of paris, which can be seen here:

If someone is interested, i can look for the source again, but i don’t really know right now, where it is from.
If i wanted to make theese buldings bordering the streets, so i can’t pass through, is it correct, that i should do this for every house itself or at least some block if it’s a boxed block ?
This model reuses it’s textures througout the model on different locations making one type of house one layer with different locations, so it’s not cloned or something. Therefore it should be impossible in my mind to just put some collision shape onto it. i first had to seperate them.
What would you try to achieve if you wanted to get away from a model like this to something usable ?
It’s quite low detailed and renders really good. The video is just that slow, because i didn’t put the cam speed to high so i can navigate properly. Otherwise i would have flown through the buildings and that would have looked like really shitty.

One fat meshcollision shape woud be my first try.

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If that works, it were easy ! :wink: