The computer that I use to program has some strange problem, every now and then it crashes and patents vertical black lines. Some times when the BIOS or when widows is loading. The computer is still Under warranty so I can get it repaired but I will lose all of my data since my last backup a month ago. I suspect that it is a hardwar problem so I do not have any hope if fixing it myself unless some one here has heard of this before and knows how to get around it. (I have a Toshiba laptop).

-have you tried load in safe mode(often is a hardware failure, but if is not accessed in some advanced way, at safe mode you may deal with the stuff to extract your data) and get the data out there somehow?

-I dunno if there's possibility of extract HD from a laptop and mount on another latptop or setup as slave in some PC.

-If in safe mode with networking you can connect it to another pc, do a quick copy of the data.

-You perhaps still can access with a boot disk. If you have an old Win98, or win98se(better), maybe even a WinMe CD, and CD boor activated as option in bios, you have the option of tell him not init install of windows, but start in a kind of dos mode. If the hardware failing happens when trying to acces video some weird manner, or even is a mo board failure, maybe with ticks and all, you can patiently copy the data from there. In case so, there's even a way to port info with certain DOS based copying utilities that use a crossed parallel cable, or serial cable,(freaking slow, but works) to do the link.  Easiest way in a PC is remove the HD, connect to another PC, configure as slave, check all is ok at bios, so the HD is put as slave. And start that computer so you can easily backup all info. that's indeed best and safest way. In a laptop, dunno. there's ppl that really goes and open the laptop to change stuff, I dunno, I only had to fix stuff of software kind in laptops.


maybe is only screen?

connect to it another screen. A crt screen, you should have signal outlet fo rit.Ive done with certain laptops. Connect it, if is only screen damaged, your Windows (why I am supposing you have windows?) is still there. While so, grab the info to some cd , external hd, or other machine.

It could be the card…

maybe connect another graphic card, and force it be the used one. In a pc would be for example "PCI first" at bios, if put an older pci one…

If its mother board,(you here som PI, PIIII etc, noises?  ) not much to do than change the hd to another machine as slave.

they make IDE cables to connect laptop HDs to a PC motherboard.  I'd suggest pulling it out and hooking it up to your PC and copying whatever data you need.

I had a similar problem with my desktop so I opened it up and cleaned the dust of the bottom of my hard drive and its never happened again.

Its a maxtor and has no bottom cover, the dust must have been shorting something out. I kind of doubt youre having same problem, but thought Id mention it as I was surprized a small amount of dust could do so much damage.

Thanks for the suggestions, I need to fined out if disconnecting the harddrive would violate the warranty, the information is not woth the cost of the computer.

If it is under warranty - wont they be prepared to copy youre data you need to a cd or usb drive ???, just a suggestion or avenue to try

Thanks for the suggestion, I will ask them.

I managed to get the computer working long enough to get my data off.

mud2005, thanks for the dust subjection, I was able to fix another computer with it.

mud2005, thanks for the dust subjection, I was able to fix another computer with it.

sweet 8)

finally got it back, have to reinstall everything  :expressionless: