Converting [Max VRay] Materials to Standard Materials for importing in JME [HOW TO]


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In my post I’m gonna introduce a tool for converting 3d models material type to standard type which is supported by our JME and blender.(for example from VRay material type to Standard Material or any other type).
Many artists use VRay materials and don’t convert their models into a
standard format before exporting into one of the exchange formats. If
you export a model with VRay materials attached, it will cause the
materials to default to the color gray when importing the model into
another program. Also, the texture paths on the VRay export will be
erased. If you convert your model to a standard format before
exporting, it will be easier for customers to adjust materials and add

Today I ran to issue mentioned above !

After searching the web I could find the solution.
first there is a manual way which is described in above tip.
but the more easy way is to use an script to do it for you.

  • [Autodesk Material Converter][1] which is commercial
  • [MultyConvertor][2] is free . (I am using this one)
  • [Material Converter v.1.24][3] is free

You need to download it and run script in 3ds Max.

As you can see in above picture the material type is VRayMtl. So if you export it to blender without converting the material, blender will not be able to open the material. (The texture path also will be cleared.)

After mapping texture for material now you can export it to FBX or OpenCallada (not Autodesk Collada) or any supported format . then import it in blender --> save as .blend --> JME

This is the final result in JME SDK.

If you have any question feel free to ask.

Edit1: Make Sure you select type “Game” at the very top of “MultyConverter” window in first picture. [picture updated]. sorry for mistake


Could not prevent my self from not to mentioning this here. [It May Help Someone] :grinning:

If you have a model in 3ds max like below:

and after importing it to blender it looks :

please do this in 3ds max to fix it:

then group it again in 3ds max.

now it should fix it when importing to blender:

This is because perpendicular (non-orthogonal) axis.
thanks to Pix10 in
more info Reset XForm (Transform) Utility

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Hi. I would rly love to use MultyConverter but im having trubble with it.
Im newbie and I wonder if u could help me a little.
Following the “readme” i’ve unrared the scritp in 3ds max instalation folder. After running MultyConverter.mse via Scripting ->run Script only this appears.
What am I doing wrong?


Hi @MikeG
I’m not using 3ds Max anymore. But hope this helps.

Also JME now supports gltf 2 so you can also try this plug in