Import in blender don't connect every part

Hello! I got a few assets that have knifes or guns and eyes that are not part of the model itself but are add on the model. But every time I try to import them into Blender it don’t work… at all.

While in something like Maya i get something more like this :

Am rather confuse about what is going on. Those anyone had that problem befaure?

Can you please try this

Seem like it won’t let me explode :confused: And if i use the reset Xform i get even wierder results :confused:

Ah, sorry
can you please try this then (this time it should work) :

just apply transform and scale then regroup and export.

If you importing it as fbx in blender, in import panel check this option:
!EXPERIMENTAL! Apply Transform

I might be missing something but the reset transform and scale simply put the model sideway and the eyes and weapon are still far aways. Actully the only way i was able to get them both at a normal size and distance was when i took them out of their build in path and add them into the body sub section. But it seem like they are still not part of the bone, meaning the animation don’t effect them x_X

Oh and experimental usely just broke my models. Not all of them, but some simply appear as cross and nothing else.

Still, thanks for the help, i’ll try to check the video again tonight to see if i miss any action!

Sorry that they were not helpful :disappointed_relieved:

Ha-ha, don’t say that xD Most of my models would not even be in-game whiout you showing me how baking an animation :stuck_out_tongue: And the answer is probably in there somewhere, I’ll just need to really understand what is done so I can understand how to make it work…

But i kinda suck at 3D x)

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