Cool shader tutorial

I’ve found this cool tutorial about OpenGL compute shaders and LWJGL3:

Which makes me wonder about several topics about the future of Jmonkeyengine:

  1. Is LWJGL3 migration planned?
  2. Is newer OpenGL migration planned? I have a sandy bridge with integrated card (a 3.5 year old office pc) and it supports OpenGL 3.1… (yes, I’m aware that moving away from OpenGL 2.0 would break Android compatibility up to Jelly Bean)


You can already use features from latest opengl in JME, it’s just that the engine has a 2.0 compatibility.
If you chose to make your game with ogl3.1 features, you can. Though your users will need opengl 3.1 as a minimum requirement.

Well, you can use glsl features from the latest gl version, but everything that needs engine support is only doable if you make the required gl calls yourself.
The above example would required at minimum
-Compute Shaders

But that example is a little bit ‘misleading’ since path tracing a few boxes and path tracing an whole bunch of triangle meshes is a whole different story.

Thanks for the information even if the point of my question was slightly missed :wink:

But from your posts I suppose that the answer to my questions are respectively no & no.

From my current knowledge jme switches to jogl as main renderer in the future.
I cant say anything about the future…