Counteract upward forces

What is the best way to counteract upward forces, while the character is on the ground and not jumping. I have a custom physics control that seems to react odly to certain test scenes, As such i copied the code for BetterCharacterControl to see if i can easily find a fix and then reimplement it in the physics control i’m using, however I haven’t found the proper way to do this withouth some odd stalls while walking and while using localup vector.

What would be the best way to impliment this so that maybe a boolean could toggle the effect

btw i’m unable to make new threads in chrome for some reason and FF obscures the top half of the first line and instead of going to the second line it writes over the first line. This occurs when editing posts aswell

The forum problem was fixed!

Where are these upward forces coming from?

edges sidewalk etc, I didn’t realize it prior because the scene i was using had no sudden elevations like the sidewalks in town.j3o which throws the character in the air if fast enough, i also attempted to use BetterCharacterControl which does the same thing, though it makes perfect sense.