Created tree-models look different (Tree It -> jMonkey)

Hello everyone,

I tried to create some tree-models on my own using the tool Tree It. Creating the models in Tree It a tree-model looks like the following:

Exporting these tree-model from Tree It as .obj-file with its additional files (.mtl, …) the tree-model (especially the leaves) looks in jMonkey a little bit different (the full geometry of every leaf is visible):

Maybe someone have an idea what could be the reason or what I could look up to fix this problem? Does it have something to do with the transparency of the leaves? (It happened with all models that I tried.)

Or maybe if I can not fix this problem using Tree It and jMonkey: Are there any suggestions for a tool, to create tree-models and using them in jMonkey? (I chose Tree It because it was very easy and fast to use.)

Thanks in advance.

I didnt used Tree It tool.

But generally you just need setup proper transparency with alpha discard for leafs. (im not sure how export there works, but seems like it dont create proper transparency materials)
As i understand all leafs are same Geometry after export. if they are not you should make them 1 geometry using same material to optimize. Then you can just fix that in JME just by replacing material for them with proper transparency material with leafs.

Also im not sure what material your tree is using, but if bark is PBR, you would need use light-probe.

Also edges are very pixelated, so you would need use some filtering for it.

Another way if you want just to use Blender raw.
With blender tree creation i still have my old workflow (its much slower, but still usefull):

  • create chaisis with vertexes (the more the better)
  • add skin modifier
  • add subsurf modifier
  • ctrl - a, in verticle edit it can edit size per vert, so main bark should be big and endings small
  • optimize tris by selecting esdes with “alt-click” and then “delete → Edge Loops” - repeat how many times you need.
  • endings of tree just make 1 tris (scale them to 0 and remove dupplicates)
  • UV and teksture
  • particle emitter as hair, density as “leafs” weight(vertex-group) for tree. A child particle as Quad with branches and leafs

And ofc there are sketchfab models ready to use also. Please note as i remember gltf models exported with proper alpha setup in Blender before, as i remember exported transparency correctly.(tho i were using png or other format for that, as i see in Tree it, its using separate alphamap, so idk how it export it exactly)


If you might be interested, I created this tutorial. Trees for all tastes.


Thank you both. Using the exported models from Tree It, I found out, that in my case I have to set an value for the ‘AlphaDiscardThreshold’ on the material.

The glTF-Treegenerator looks very good. Trees are easy to create with this tool. I will give it a further look.

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