Crucified - a multiplayer horror game for two players

Hello dear community,

today I want to present you the game I worked on the last 1.5 years.


The game is called “Crucified”. It is a network-based multiplayer horror game for two players. One player plays as the survivor and the other one becomes the monster. The goal of the survivor is to find and destroy all artifacts which can be found all around the map at special locations. The monster dies when all artifacts are destroyed so the the monster has to kill the survivor before it’s to late for him.


A beautiful tropical island at night is the showcase for this game. The map consists of beaches, small dense jungles and caves. A lot of hours has been spent to design this world. The following screenshots show some places on the map. But feel free to explore the world yourself.

The monster

The monster has to kill the survivor by throwing fireballs at him. The monster also can not see the artifacts due to tactical reasons but he has one special skill: Every 30 seconds the monster can see where the player is for a few seconds.

The survivor

In order to survive the game the survivor has to destroy all artifacts which can be found all around the map. The survivor only has a headlamp to light the world if necessary. The artifacts are magical crosses which can not be seen by the monster. The survivor has to pick them up and has to throw them into the ruins container which also can be found all around the map. But only one artifact can be destroyed in one ruin. The following screenshot shows such as ruin already with an destroyed cross (artifact).

Some background information

Unfortunately, the game did not become the game I originally thought about. It actually changed completely in gameplay, setting and game design in general. However, I learned a lot from it during development phase. I am just thinking about all the new technologies I discovered, for example Zay-Es by @pspeed or the world of shaders where @nehon was a great tutor for me.

However, I am glad to have this project “finished” even though it did not become the game I originally wanted to make. But I wanted it to be finished before the next semester at university starts so I can fully focus on my education again.

Got interested and want to play the game?

Here is the trailer I made one week ago. The video shows some gameplay scenes.

If you want to play the game, take a friend and download the game here:

Since it was only me developing the game there might be bugs, errors, or other issues I did not discovered yet. Feel free to report them here or on GitHub.

Very thanks to…

@janvonpichowski and @8Keep123 which actively supported me during development.

… the whole community which is so great and always willing to help! I love you all! Out of my head I want to thank @pspeed, @nehon, @Darkchaos, @MoffKalast and a lot more helpful monkeys!

Take care of you monkeys :slight_smile:

Best regards


Congratulations, in hobbyist game development finishing a game is the greatest achievement!
Nice work!


@Domenic I’m glad to see someone in this community finish a hobby game, seriously you did a great work, now you can change your “about me” section to “recently finished a horror game” :wink:

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Well done! I’m glad you managed to make the call to say your game is finished. That’s usually the hardest part :wink:

Let’s be real here… I hear raytracing is good this time of the year :smile:


Well, you probably could do a lot more and invest even more time and effort… but I can’t anymore… sorry :slight_smile:

Haha :joy: I won’t do much game dev anytime soon but instead I am going to play your game as soon as the semester starts :wink:


Hi Domenic!

Congratulations! I really like how detailed you designed the game process.
The trees, ruines, statue models are looking very realistic. Light implementation is also looking as in professional game.
Were you doing both design and programming yourself?
Which HUD/ GUI do you plan to use or are using?
How many work time did it took you to develop it?

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Hi, I am glad you like it. :smiley:


I use Nifty GUI for this game. But it’s a really simple and straight-forward gui with not many elements and stuff. So nothing exciting.

I can’t give a number of hours here I am sorry. But as described above I worked on it the last 1.5 years. But most time took me learning about entity component system design etc. and other technologies. And also designing the game world was time-intensive. However, tt is not that I worked on it every day. I also had a phase where I did almost nothing for a few months… So if you already have all the skills you need you can make such a game in a very short time I think.


Congratulations for the job, everything is cool but I suggest to both rename the game and change the item to be destroyed, because as it stands now it will offend some people.

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  1. Everything will offend somebody. There is just no way around it. Why really bother?

The game is literally about finding and burning christian crosses…

Ok, let’s put it this way: I’m offended but I didn’t want and still don’t want to derail nor hijack the thread, so I’m out of discussion.


But how do you know they’re christian crosses?

Perhaps in this game’s lore an evil and dystopian nation took the cross as its flag symbol, waging war across continents and making everyone in the game world ban the symbol after the nation was finally defeated at great cost. Now the monster is all that’s left of a mid-war science experiment on a human that is now driven to kill by these symbols and can only have peace once they are gone.

Or at least that’s what happened to the buddhist swastika during WW2… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

True story.


Hello @Pesegato,

I am sorry that the game offends you. This was not meant by me, I promise!

Anyway, it’s fine that your stand to your position so I will respect it. But you unfortunately have to accept that the games title won’t change, I am sorry…

Best regards

that way a have a rule in making games “never put religious or Denomination symbols in a game”, the releasee that I have this rule is because :

Always try to make something that’s not going to touch the failings (In a bad way) of a reasonable person.

Getting offended is your right man :slight_smile: Not being able to criticize something is a pretty dangerous spiral of doom. Getting out of hands nowadays. And yes, I’m also a christian.


Sure, but if you want to sell apples… you might sell more if you don’t rub shit all over them first.

Figure out what your market is, how big it is, etc… then try to alienate as few of them as possible.

Alternately, count on the negative publicity to generate buzz for your game. (ie: every one buys the apples because they just cannot believe there is actually shit on them.)

Sometimes you have to figure out what your actual goal is and then decide if what you are doing is actually meeting that goal or not.


I’m pretty sure the goal here was for this game to be a learning experience and to have the results free to see for anyone attempting anything similar, not to actually sell it. At least that’s what I felt @Domenic’s general idea was.

Putting that in front leaves you open to indulge in some creative freedom and not being so darn perfectly politically correct as you’d need to be otherwise. :slight_smile:


Let’s split some very fine hairs there. Sales, not sales… playing for free… blah blah blah. Selling apples = wanting someone to play your game.

If you want people to play your game, make it accessible.

If you want to make a statement about religion, then make a statement about religion.

Pretending that those two are always compatible is shear folly… whether you are selling it or not.

But yeah, if someone is making a game for their own purposes then great. So why bother posting about it? Ah… maybe they wanted someone to actually look at it. Then you have to readdress your goals again. It could be that the agenda is on purpose… and that’s fine, too.

I’m not even arguing for/against OP’s game… I think he pretty clearly DID have an agenda. And well done, at that. I’m saying that others are kind of within their rights to point that out.

I do always find it funny how often the right to ‘free speech’ seems to be aborted at everyone else’s right to criticize that speech. :slight_smile:

But that’s the pretty typical internet loop:
Person 1: “I made a thing.”
Person 2: “Oh, I don’t really like the thing.”
Person 3: “You shouldn’t say you don’t like it.”

Though generally with a lot more swearing.


Holy shit, I did not expect that this game would lead to a debate like this…

Again, I don’t want to offend anybody nor do I want to criticize certain religions. The game is also not meant to make a negative statement about religions etc. I personally do not take things that seriously in games. That’s why I did not think much about it.

As @MoffKalast mentioned this game mainly was a learning experience, I really never planned to publish it on Steam or so… And it is okay if I can’t sell many apples of it :wink:

However, the religion part is something I will consider in the next game (if I am going to make one again).

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Sorry for posting again, but some posts are just too silly to leave them unanswered.
A religion is a quite hot topic in general. Lots of people have died because of it. Lots of people have spent their life and/or performed big deeds because of it.
Criticizing religious beliefs basically means pushing the nerve of the followers and asking for trouble if these followers aren’t also pacifists.

Many people engaged in furious wars with “Linux vs Windows”, “vi vs emacs” etc. which, to me, are less important… I could go on, but I hope my point is clear.


Come on guys I thought humanity had this one in the bag already. Variety is the spice of life. Religion is a belief and not a science. Let the war rage on at Facebook and all the other abominations of the internet.

We love maths. Let’s at least try to stick to the script :stuck_out_tongue: