Custom texturing of imported model

a few questions about this in jme3…

  1. if I import a blender model as say ‘test.obj’ without a texture applied, how to I go about applying my own texture & projection/coordinates manually with code?

  2. if I copy multiple test.obj objects and group them under a node as spatials, can I apply a single texture over the single node (all the objects)?

  3. if I do import test.obj with a texture already defined in blender, is there a way I can manipulate the existing texture projections/coordinates with code ?

    thanks in advance!
  1. I believe they would have to be the same Mesh to use the same texture instance (as in spanning across all uv coords)

    Don’t know if this is what you’re after, but: Your blender model (obj or ogre) already has UV coords included in the file. All you need to do is assign a material, and a texture to them. You don’t need to assign it manually.

    If you do want to change them, however. They’re stored in the mesh as a buffer (Type.TexCoord).

    Check out the custom mesh tutorial to see how you manipulate them:
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Thanks rickard,

will look into these possibilities.