Day/Night cycle

Hi, I am James. I am new to this community. I had been using Multiverse for a MMO but I have switched to Jmonkey Engine and PD. I have a team of about 12 working with me. I have done some tests and I must say the graphics I am getting with Jmonkey are much better then those I was getting with Multiverse! I am now trying to add a day/night cycle and I was wondering if some one could point me to some topics or resources on how to do this with Jmonkey? Thanks in advance for your help!

Here are some screenshots from my tests so far.

maybe someting like that: sky scattering:

(Same as what Core-Dump mentioned, just the direct thread link)

use my water and my sky scattering? want my money too? kidding

unfortunately the sky scattering test/code got lost before being contributed back (corrupt harddrive)

search for "sky dome" there are several around.

use my water _and_ my sky scattering?  want my money too?

nah, just your first born :D