DDS Sky problem on Android

The DDS files used for the sky in the examples are compressed using S3TC/DXT1A - which is not supported on android.

I see 3 possible solutions for this issue:

  1. Decompress the textures on the fly on android: Java Algo needed, not trivial
  2. Store the dds files uncompressed: I dont know how to do this, could be easy if anybody knows how to do it
  3. Dont use dds on Android: The easiest, but then the examples will be adapted to android and the desktop examples will not run

    Does anybody have an opinion about that?


I had the same problem.

DXT1A Compression is not supported on my Laptop with Ubuntu Linux.

(On my PC with the same OS this Compression works)

So i opened the dds file in gimp (with the gimp extension: gimp-dds).

Than I had to delete the mipmap layers in gimp (maybe saving different resolutions is not supported in gimp-dds)

And than it was possible to store the dds file without compression! (with: Save as).

Now it works!

Hope i could help.

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Not using dds is for a normal pc quite bad , since dds is around 1/4 or 1/8 smaller in vram, wich is kinda limited.

Hi again!

Now i uploaded the uncompressed dds file for testing!

You can get it here:


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Thank you so much !!!

Now the dds works for me !!!