(December 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Hehe … I know these. Have seen human 3D models captured with that. Faces closeup with such technology is also very stunning.
You can get cheap photogrammetry and motion capture with kinect1 / kinect2. Needs Windows 8 though.
Autodesk 123D Catch did not really work for my last project. Seemed like their software was not advanced enough one or two years ago when I did that experiment.

But your best bet are those models that you can get from asset libraries. There is some free stuff too.
I need to check if that Rio christus statue is now online that they captured via drones…

You have any sites I can check out? I’m happy to pay if I like something enough. I’ve bought from turbosquid and 3docean but every other site seems tiny in comparison, and finding sensible/game ready human models is like searching for the holy grail

Sorry, nope. I’ve seen many things online but did never look for shops specifically.
Recently saw a new site for architecture CAD with photo3Dscanned humans. Looked awesome, but they only seem to provide them like statues, frozen in their position.
And for the Unreal Engine there is a “free” asset set that they released recently. Don’t know how “free” that really is and if I can find the link again (were some trees and stones).

If you stumble across a good photo3Dscan site, you might give a hint to nehon. His stuff looks awesome already - but with that it would look super-awesome. :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

Yeah I rarely see scans in a t-pose or something similar. Also its a pain to take the polycount down to a reasonable level without ruining the uv map

Hey photoshopping is not allowed here! Are you sure that’s JME? :smile:

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I know it’s not technically programmer material, but it is game material and it look awesome sooooo

Here is the new splash art for the berzerker :smiley: Hope you love it! x)


I mean that, there are some constant road blocks that you have to walk around when you want to go from blender models to a full blown scene designed in the SDK.
For one the import pipeline that is our worst weakness, but also some bugs here and there that are really frustrating. (like the order of the textures in the material editor, we need something better, the fact that NB8 jumps to the asset folder in the library folder when you create an asset… some refresh bugs that make you waste your time…).
But hopefuly I’ll be able to fix that to some extent.

Substance painter has become the industry standard for PBR texturing in one year.
I don’t usually promote charged softwares, but this one is really great. If you have a couple of hundred dollars to spare, you can purchase an indie license, it’s worse every penny. That is if you intent to make your own assets.

@Pesegato no photoshop involved at all in those assets. :wink:

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Ah okay, thanks for being so honest about those things. I’m currently not working with any asset pipeline, but back in 2014 it was quite quirky. Improvements like Xbuf will hopefully get things right.

Netbeans: during the last two months I have a very special problem with the Netbeans part: Whenever I do a “usage search” for classes / methods, and then click on one of the .java files that were found, then it opens this code window in the bottom, next to console output and search results (and not in the upper part of the center, where all the other code files are in the code view).
It’s really annoying and I did not find a solution via search for that specific problem. It seemed to have started after I undocked a code file and dragged that to the second and third monitors to have them floating around. It’s no big deal - I can move that code file from the bottom center to the top center where my other code files are, via drag+drop. But it’s still annoying to have to do that drag+drop everytime I open a search result.

In the menu Windows => reset windows. Got that one several times


Time to post some weird stuff here :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

It’s just a test for hexagonal grid math before and after refactoring but it looks so crazy that I can’t deny intent to post it somewhere. :chimpanzee_laugh:


new video about improvement in bullet’s soft body :


I will leave my new project here as well, we are a team of 3 programmer and done this is less then 400 hours.

It look a like my first game i did alone but the coding is way better.
(Red and blue cube are for programming purpose, hit detection )


Still working on “calibrating” our PBR material
Here is a scene with basic sphere with a dielectric material

and the Substance painter reference

and metallic material

and the reference

As you can see there are still some differences, but at some point I cannot have exactly the same picture as we are not using exactly the same techniques (for env maps seam fix for example and to compute the Environment BRDF).
But that’s close enough so that you woudln’t notice on a more elaborated model with textures and normal maps.

The highlight looks a lot dimmer in the reference when the roughness is high though… not sure I can do something about that …


Its possible substance painter is using HDR tone mapping. This would prevent highlights with values higher than 1.0 from appearing too bright.

Yes that’s what I thought, but idk how to verify this…
Also, tone mapping on the environement maps seems a bit weird, since you want HDR data for lighting… tone mapping should occur after rendering the frame… idk

Yeah, the environment maps should be in an HDR format, like RGB111110F or RGB16F. When you’re rendering the frame itself, you make sure to render it to an HDR format framebuffer as well, finally you use the jME3.1 ToneMapFilter to convert the frame back into RGB8 format.

That’s what’s done yes. There is no tone mapping in the shots above though.

Well, this is a pretty strong month - time to lower the bar a bit, here is what I started doing recently: A little mesh editor

Blender and Maya pale in comparison right?


Another month of school exams for me (and Fallout 4 taking the rest of my time :smile:), but I did make some pretty darn good looking damage overlay textures. There are 6 sets of them, just enough to not take that much disc space and not repeat to often.

They also glow in the dark.

Damaged engines and weapons will perform worse depending on their health.

I’m quite satisfied with how they turned out overall. Now all I gotta to is replace the rest of the textures I have :disappointed: sigh

Props to @JESTERRRRRR for the nifty layering shader :smiley:


Getting through the alpha stage of my networked space game.