(December 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

You guys might have seen the tweet but anyway, here’s the screenshot of our scene dynamically lit with about 96 or so pointlights in forward rendering using single pass lighting.


Love this, looks really cool.
Now I want to make my own skyscraper in a jME game!!! :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

I made a little game with a friend this weekend for the LudumDare 34 :
It’s more a audio experience than a real game.


I’m working on a new melee weapon on blender and decided to learn how to render with cycles.

Lighting is still rough as my old-school,REALLY OLD-school videocard employed 30 minutes per image to render.




Hi guys,
@Dokthar, I also made a game for the LD 34 this weekend.

Its a snake game with a twist.

Here is the link: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=preview&uid=32655


These screenshot posts are getting really awesome.
So much new things every month!
Congratulations monkeys :wink:


Video please :sunglasses:, show us how hot jme is.

Actually it is act for me as a good motivator to keep working on my project.

Your game remind me an old project of mine. It was procedural generation of spaceship interiors with cubic extruded modules. The only “assets” are black&white images drawn in Paint, defining profiles to extrude. It was capable to draw thousands of kilometers of corridors and sci-fi rooms ^^ That was funny !

Memories :smile:


Hey this is pretty awesome! Source please!

Coupled with a few lights and PBR I think it would make a pretty killer demo for JME!


“cubic extruded modules” hm? I’m interested too (like Pesegato). :chimpanzee_smile:

Any chance seeing the JME statistics? Object count etc. Curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, slightly different angle but still the same amount of lights and what not.


Don’t want to spoil Daniel’s opportunity to answer, but we were pretty happy that the engine could pull out that kind of numbers on a scene like this, when he posted this in the core chat.
He posted there a screen shot with the stats : so as said 96 lights, 578 objects, 252k triangles and 298 fps.

The changes that allowed this are Light culling and single pass lighting.
This would have been impossible in 3.0.

EDIT : got ninjaed :wink:


I’m also in the progress of implementing a light quality setting for the game, allowing LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH quality where the different ones being implemented as follows.

LOW - Using simple ambient light in rooms to fake lighting
MEDIUM - Dynamic lights but set VertexLighting to true on the material
HIGH - Dynamic lights with VertexLighting false


Awesome. Thank you both!

Do want, this is great.

Also I really would love to understand how it works internally.

I’m interested by that too.

This month’s thread is a testament to how mature 3.0 and 3.1 are.

So, this is the first game I’m creating. It’s a strategy game where you need to defeat the enemy team to be able to build a rocket that will destroy him. It will be a multiplayer game, and I’m also planning to release it on Android.

Here are some really pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha screenshots:

I’m using BatchNode to otimize the scene, and keeping a list of the type of terrain (tree, rock, grass, lake…) for easy manipulation.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the terrain is random xD


Enemy trees :smiley:

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