(December 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

xD That little side log in the trees are for the snipers.

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Another screenshot taken by @Kecon of our game scene during night time. We’ve now populated the map with some objects such as the road, street sign and bus stop.


Can’t wait to see that in action

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Some more work done on the Economy/Finances gui this time. Still some bits missing but we’re getting there.

We also introduced glow maps on items. This floor lamp in the hotel room uses a pointlight and a glow map to indicate that it’s lit.


Some more from me, got the pulsar type star finished and started working on the black holes:

I’m getting around to that! Soon.


Hi there, have a look at my update! :smile:


Here is a video of my current project, where I am making a top-down twin-stick shooter. I have reached a milestone in the AI code, the path finding is done and waypoints can now be followed. I can in my config files define two or three or ten waypoints and the game calculates the path between them, adding more waypoints so the NPC’s can get around obstacles. They also loiter at waypoints if so desired.

Next, I’ll implement the part where an NPC will decide they need to go to a place and generate their own waypoints to get there - perhaps its back to their “idle” path after chasing and loosing the player. Perhaps its to somewhere they heard a noise.

Also a car, for fun and games.


…not really game related…just finished one of my side projects, controller for coffee packing machine…whats special about it is that you can program it trough easy user interface and adjust/set protocols, various kind of controllers, extenders ,digital ports, PWM, ADC etc, without any external programming and save all on to memory card…



Since we are at non JME projects :smile:

I currently build a ceiling lamp with 320W led XD
Actually the power is kind of a sideeffect, of me wanting to do patterns and stuff on it.

(Note: in the second image the surrounding is as bright as in the first, the camera just reduced it extremely in order to record it)


I put together an IKEA desk. Took about 3 days total, draws are crooked and don’t close fully.


Just assembled an IKEA chair :smile:

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I unassembled and reassembled an ikea armoire the other day. that was my weekly practice in futility.

Anyone else have any IKEA related experiences lately? Any photos perhaps?

Sorry, picture or it didn’t happen :smile:

I’m also working with automatic doors for Skylimit Tycoon. I’ve been struggling to get the animation to work for a couple of hours (finally realized that my problem is that some vertices are missing texture coordinates), but I managed to add transparency to our model definition format anyway.


Will the doors in Skylimit Tycoon be provided by IKEA? :smile:


@Ecco Arduino Mega, I have some hands on in Electronics too, honestly my interest in JME3 came when I am doing a project to make home automation Via internet and the home modeled in 3d and controlled in FPS style game, we used JME3 because it is programmer friendly.

But I said to myself what about make my 10 years old passion come true, and make a 3d game :smiley:


is it Nifty or something else?

We are using JavaFX and JME3-JFX by @Empire_Phoenix


Yes, and it’s the assembly that’s the problem! :cry:

Since we do not have an arrangement with IKEA I will have to say no but they might however be sourced from a shop called AEKI :wink:

No worries though, all furniture in Skylimit Tycoon come assembled so residents need not worry :smiley:

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