(December 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

@Ali_RS the snapshot tell us too little, we expect more to come next months :blush:

Sure . I will try to put more screenshots and videos as I progress .
And thanks for nice words. :grinning:

So if we’re also posting non-gameprogramming stuff I just finished this small Serenity paper model I’ve been making for the past three days:

It’s not my design of course, but there’s a link to the site in the full imgur album if anyone happens to be interested.
My other random papercrafts that I’ve assembled over the years


Awesome ! They are so realistic . Even a 3D printer can not do that . :smile:

Thanks :smiley: 3D printers are catching up really fast though, but I doubt papercrafing will decline because of it. It’s more about making the model then having the model. Kind of like that “not the destination but the journey” saying. With 3D printing the printer has all the fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Firefly… almost universally everyone I’ve ever introduced to this show hates me for having done it. Not because it’s bad but because there aren’t any more.

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…this is fantastic looking model…for a moment i thought its 3D printed…lol…

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I can’t but admire since, as we say in Finnish, my fingers are like a bag of penises (~butterfingers, or big fingers) :smile: I can barely use a keyboard.

There are some metaphors that are impossible to ‘unsee’.

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this is amazing

Is it forbidden to look at Allegorithmic’s GLSL code? Substance Designer 5 has all the shader code at <SD5InstallDir>\resources\view3d\shaders.

This looks really nice. Lovely style!

It’s not, but they don’t use the exact same technique as we do.
They don’t have exactly the same use case.

I’ve just started getting into Substance Painter. Anyone have any recommended tutorials to check out other than the tutorial series provided? I’m mainly looking at you @nehon :smiley:

Well appart from their youtube channel I don’t know about other tuts.


do you have a blog or something to your progress, your hints here I found by reading ur post are very useful, for me because I am new to game making, so it going to be useful if you share your approach and tools you used and find useful, (of-course if you have time)

but I need to hide this post regarding Substance Painter from my wife, because she is struggling with blender Texture paint and gimp, if she saw it it will cost me extra 200$ :blush:


a) some of use were lucky and picked it up on sale for $50 some time back. A steal, really.

b) it’s currently on sale for $100.

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yes, you are right, I checked by mistake the indie pack,

Is she talented and does she do game assets? Maybe she just needs to hang a sign out “Will work for Substance Painter.” :slight_smile:

She is studying 3d animation at Animschool, so she is kinda talent in key frame animation, she is relatively new to modeling and texturing, more into hobbyist like me, I will share her WIP beside my WIP because it is part of the game.