(December 2018) Monthly WIP & Screenshot thread

I’m using the exact same list! It’s pretty basic ideas and doing multiple of them can really make you busy. Good practice also!

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I’ve been working more on some custom shaders for my game, and I just added support for splatting a slimey goo texture onto everything, giving the world a more plagued look in areas of the map that are supposed to be more dangerous.

I still need to implement tri-planar mapping and support for a metalic and roughness map, but I am unfortunately using more than 16 textures in my terrain shader and I will need to change my terrain shader to use a texture array, so that might be a task to put off for another day.

In the meantime, I’d like to focus more on the gameplay involved with the plagued areas, maybe make enemies lay eggs or build nests in the plagued areas or something like that. I have lots of scrambled ideas in the back of my head, but I’ve been getting preoccupied trying to improve things like the graphics and menu interfaces whenever I find the time to work on my game.


Hi @skidrunner,
This is a very cool idea.
Good luck with the games and when you can please share what you did.

Any chance you can do a post on this in the forums, a sort of ‘how to’ guide ?

I will be doing a video for my dev blog on my game web site in January. I’ll post the video in a new thread here once it’s done


Excellent! UI looks great by the way :slight_smile:

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Basically I created a Theme showing off the engine


JME splash screen

The colors are Pure jMonkeyEngine goodness

The Activity its self doesn’t do anything but load start the MainActivity I picked this up from Big Nerd Ranch “Splash Screens the Right Way”

And to set the whole thing off I created a set of Icons for the project myself

I plan on creating an android template project in the future. But I want to incorporate the density of the display.



regarding the logo slogan “serious monkeys, serious engine”, what do you think about changing it a bit to “sincere monkeys, sincere engine” or “sincere monkeys, serious engine”

well, in my universe, sincere > serious, thus it sounds better for me that way. :banana:

sincere = “being truthful”… not serious.

Serious can be taken lots of ways… but “being truthful” is a small and relatively unused connotation. Serious usually means “not playing around”. “Not being silly”, etc… silly opposite of serious.


And from what I have seen here for years is the best parts of JME where created when people are just being silly and creative :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, well… “Serious monkeys” already sort of makes it a joke. Like when my kids and I are laughing and I put on my serious face and tell “ok, let’s be serious now” and they just laugh harder.


This I recognize from my own kids


last time i asked you what is best way to do character customization. But to make customization, first need to do game base character model, so i started WIP with character.


not sure how many polygons do if world should be full of characters. but it seems i maintain high quality and not too much polycount. its like 2k faces for all face (4k tris) i seen 5k is optimal and 10k is just still ok.

ofc depends how many characters would be visible in screen. heard popular games have even like 50k, but if im not wrong, if i will do max 8k full body with head, then it might be ok enough to maintain quality and optimal polycount. (for decent graphic cards)

its really hard to do everything from scratch, but here we are :smiley: something already exist.

will finish model (will take some time for me) and later will do customization. hope you will help me choose best way to do customization later. (as you might have some experience with it)


When oblivion came out it was more LOD than game. Literally. All the LODs.

You’d be surprised at how much you can lod without even noticing. With things like foliage you can barely notice at all. You have to be a bit more careful with moving models but you can have more than 3 levels if you’re anal like that.

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As few as possible. Make an efficient mesh with the least amount of faces, good topology, good edge flow, should be your target. It is a very difficult task to get right.

With a decent base mesh, it is very easy to add addition fidelity with subsurfs, LODS or tessellation. Visa versa trying to remove detail is relative nighmare.

It may help to look at some of the base meshes on blendswap for guidance.


thanks. i try do very good topology, most of face/poly count are only for ear, mouth, nose, eyes, i think without cloth, it will be like 4-5k triangle count.

here is how i do topology:


zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

edit: unless you are modeling on a phone, in which case I understand…

seems like will need upload to imgur or some host :smiley:

could not upload bigger images, here you go:

currently 3,5k triangle Everything(all scene)

could get rid of some mouth triangles, what do you think? one circle on outer eye too

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looking good!

The only feedback I can offer is to watch the inconstant vertex density, especially around the eye and mouth.

Also, I couldn’t have modeled that yet, too hard for me, all I know what is ‘supposed’ to be done, best practices and modeling theory.

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thanks, i removed one circle arround mouth and one arround eye, but about eye vertex density, not sure if i should remove back faces, anyway i optimized eye itself removing back faces.

fact is i followed one tutorial that explained how to do eyelids. im not sure how it is marked on blue in english, but i want also details like this, so would not like to remove this.


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