(December 2018) Monthly WIP & Screenshot thread

I mean, that’s what they do… but I really hope that’s not what they are supposed to do. :slight_smile:

“Ok, everyone on the ship… and HOLD ON!”

“When will we get there captain?”

“Eventually, laddy… eventually…”


The real question here is why did youtube auto generate captions for it. In spanish.


dont you see?

“aplausos” -> even google congratulate him for this video :smiley:

LOL… captions for what?

Edit: looking… that’s hilarious.


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So… the cool thing about the internet is no matter how many rocks I turn over, someone has seen something totally unknown to me… like not even a reference.

And if the world is true to form, I’ll be seeing references to it all over the place now.

“Maybe it’ll be easier to explain in a pirate shanty…”



No chairs… but I’ve got some table->table scissor action for you. Just still shots, though:

For video you have to pay for the premium subscription. lol

Edit: and before anyone gets their hopes up… that’s a static ship not a dynamic one. I was making sure regular collisions were working for it.


Is it Polonez ?

EDIT: ok, it is polonez, just saw next posts :wink:

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When being asked what sets us apart from other Engines the answer in most cases is: The Community. That means you, you and you!
And as Newton already proclaimed, we’re standing on the shoulders of giants, gentlemen.

One of these Giants is twice responsible for what has happened 2 days ago on our community discord (where you’re all invited to):
After seeing the meme from here “Can’t worry about finishing your one-week game on time, if you don’t even make one”, @Mithrin asked me if I was in for a “90s Multiplayer game everyone knows-rework” and as usual the best ideas come up at midnight so we started throwing something together.

It doesn’t look like much but having a working multiplayer with bullet characters after less than 2 days without prior knowledge of Multiplayer Games, I’m quite proud.

Actually we even found a bug in the PBR/GLTF Pipeline which is the “Glossiness” everyone speaks about.

If you want to join us, just join our discord and tell us, the game is open source (minus the assets though) at https://github.com/MeFisto94/Monake

Happy New Year Monkeys


Wouldn’t be possible without @pspeed he’s truly legendary.

I’m learning git multiplayer! its hard D:

Mithrin (aka Wobblytrout)