Delete Old/Useless Repositories

I’m compiling a list of repositories that I believe should be deleted - if anything just so there’s documentation on who did it. Feel free to chime in.


I created all of these. They’re useless.


There are several wiki-based repositories. I’m not certain which one is the live one and which ones are pointless, so we should probably figure that out.

I wonder if davidb is still around to ask about the jme3_assetpacks one. It seems like it’s only there for the list of asset packs… which only has two in it?

i’ll send him a message.

Why is this buried in the Staff section of the Forum? This seems like a topic many people might have insight into, including some who are not admins or mods.

You can move it now if you want, but this will takes stages to get through. I’m just skimming off the easy ones before we get to the meat and bones.

what about this ?

@david_bernard_31 is still around on Github. We had a conversation with him a few days ago.

This one is the live one which is based on it.


For forum-migration and jme3_assetpack, you can transfer them back to my account, I’ll keep them (or archive them). I created to forum-migration to help other community to migrate (as a one shot guide), like the one I used to prepare the migration few year ago.

Github Responded: You can only transfer a repository from an organization to yourself at this time.

I transferred the 2 github repositories: jme3_assetpacks & forum-migration.
Thanks for the notification.


This is where any demo project code created for the wiki is expected to live. Maybe should rename it to Wiki-examples.

Edit: It is also where old code goes to die when things are removed from the wiki.

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Only @nehon has privileges for that.

Is plugins the one for the SDK? Because I am uncertain whether to replace by github, but thats another topic