Design pattern


I’d like to know if there are specific design patterns in game development. I’d like to build a game so I was about to deal with a classical MVC design pattern but maybe there are some patterns more efficients…

What do you think ?

building pure MVC would proove rather difficult imo:

You have physic controls that are bound (in one way or another ) to nodes/geometries (“models”) → the model <—>controller part is handled internally by the engine already.

One useful way for detaching entity data from entity control logic is to work with user objects. The project MonkeyZone is extensively using this kind of approach.

The preferred way for making games is the use of controls and appstates, as described by the documentation.

You can use controls that autonomosly act based on the property they are inspecting and they make use of other controls - easily referenced by spatial.getControl(XYZControl.class).

AppState implementations handle global game logics like level triggers, loading entities, initializing controls etc.