For me at work, * is quite slow.  It takes 60+ seconds to load any page there.  From home it is fast.  (for example or  I'd like to hear from anyone who's interested whether these sites are slow or fast for you as compared to the rest of the web sites you normally visit.  If it is slow could you also add what ISP you are using and what region of the world you are in please.

So far I've had people try it on Comcast, Qwest, MCI, and Sprint (cell).

I'm trying to figure out where the blame lies for the slowness.  Nobody wants to admit it yet, but I think I have a good guess.



If your work has a single T1, shared between lots of users, then that will load slowly. Meanwhile, if at home you have cable or DSL with 1.5 Mb/s or faster speed, and are not sharing it, then it will load faster. A shared single T1 ain't what it used to be.

Yeah, I know T1's aren't what they used to be.  I vote we go get Comcast Business or something like that (10+ megabit would sure be nice).  There are a couple of T1's here and about 150 users.  Could be worse.

Your theory is good, but ONLY is slow.  Everything else is nice and fast in comparison.  I think I left that point out.

After being a huge PITA (yes I'm referring to myself) to my work IT department as well as on the forums, I can now access at the speed everyone else does.  The key was given to me by someone there who knew a lot about their apache configuration.  What it came down to was that my ISP hadn't configured DNS PTR (reverse DNS) records. is doing a reverse DNS lookup on connections to their web server to enable them to block some unspecified top level domains.  So without the PTR records configured, it was timing out trying to see who I was.

Reading up a bit on this gives this moral to the story:  Make sure your DNS PTR records are configured, you will be better off in many ways, particularly with email and web sites.  To check quickly if things are working well, just do an nslookup on your extenal ip address.